Learning the best way to Start a Nonprofit Organization Can Be
A Long and Exhausting Process But I'll show 
You How You Can
Start One Quickly! 

It Is Insane How Long It Takes to Start a Non profit organization 
But there is a Faster and More cost-effective Way.

Going through traditional routes of non profit creation and getting non profit info is a unattractive and pricey path to creating
a not for profit organization. 


How to Start a Nonprofit Organization

Why is beginning a non-profitable 501c3 such a long, grueling, and costly process? It seems like there should be a simpler more cost-effective method. 

The steps to creating a 501c3 nonprofit are simple enough to find on the internet. But the difficulty with the standard information when setting up a nonprofit is that it can take more than Six months for the approval and thousands of greenbacks to set up the nonprofit. 

I hear these complaints on a regular basis from people trying to start nonprofits:

"I want to start a non profit but I cannot discover a way to start it that I can afford." 
"I have looked all over the internet for help in starting a non profit and can't get a straight answer." 
"I have been trying to put the paperwork together for more than a year, isn't there an easier way?" 
"I need a simple way to fill out a non profit application" 

What if somebody didn't wish to spend thousands of dollars to get 501c3 standing? 

What if somebody did not want to go through the long amounts of non-profit forms filling out a 501c3 application? 

What if someone wanted one-on-one help to take them through the process of non profit incorporation? 

What if someone needed a less expensive method to get their IRS 501c3 non profit up and running? 

Tiring Paperwork Can 
Make A Person Abandon a Good Nonprofit Idea Altogether

There isn't anything Nuts about Needing To Start A Non-profitable Without  Spending a Thousands Doing It and Waiting Months For the Approval 

I am able to show you exactly how to set up a nonprofit 501c3 and have it running in under Four weeks for under $400. I'll also run you through the steps independent 501c3 nonprofit. In the last 15 years I have helped uncountable thousands of those all over the world who wanted to set up there own not for profit organization. The process is straightforward, fast and cheap and we are real people helping you not something you have to work out on your own. 

This is not another uninformative list of 10 steps to starting a nonprofit. 
This is NOT another company making an attempt to make some money off you.  This is not a method that is going to take you hours to be done. 
This is not another uninformative list of 10 steps to starting a nonprofit. 

This is NOT another company making an attempt to make some money off you.  This is not a method that is going to take you hours to be done. 
I was in your position 15 years back wanting to start a nonprofit and didn't have a bunch of time or cash to pay someone to start it for me. 

My name is Scott Michael Ringo. I have been involved in starting and running nonprofits around the globe for over 15 years. For 14 years I have been helping other people start and run their own nonprofits, learn how to fundraise, grant write and run successful non profit. 

In 1996, I was traveling the Amazon region of South America procuring contracts for an import / export business that I ran from the Caribbean. Busy with appointments, a local collegue hurried me from one area of Belem, Brazil to the other. This day was no different than any other day while traveling in developing nations, where many times a day people met me on the street as I got into and out of the automobile and asked for money or food. 

This day, as my car pulled away from an appointment, a man's hand pushed against the automobile window and slid down its length in desperation just inches away from my face. 

Since that day, the non-profit organizations that I have started and those I have helped others start have helped many thousands of people around the globe. After I started a nonprofit and I begandoing non profit work, I had friends and others begin asking me if I could help them start a nonprofit. 

In 1999 I Began Assisting Others
in Starting Their Own Nonprofit!

Since 1999, I have helped many thousands with
info and assistance to start a non profit.

Throughout the years I have got thousands of calls, emails, and handwritten letters from those with wonderful ideas for nonprofits The thing they lacked was someone that cared to give them direction and help starting their nonprofit cost effectively. 

The Majority of People Who Get in touch with me Do Not Have big money to Start aNon Profit. 

In 2007 Overcome by Calls and Emails I Set Up a Blog to Help Others Start Nonprofits. 

Since that time I have helped uncountable thousands all over the world with the help they wanted to set up a non profit, learn how to fund it, and run it successfully. From nonprofits set up to help family members who have frightful medical diagnoses to one set up to help orphans in Mexico to even one that was a vision of a 6 years old to help other children with incapacities. My favorite has been one set up in a remote area of Africa set up a nonprofit to grow mushrooms as a source of food for children who have nothing. 

I have learned a lot during the last 15 years about nonprofits and about how easy it can be to set one up and
I would like to share that information with the ones that desire that information. 

So after all the years of helping people set up nonprofits across the entire world I wanted to put all that information, coupled with my help
all in one collective mastermind resource for those wanting to start a nonprofit.

Introducing the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle…

An all-encompassing bundle of information, data, 
step by step guides, and applications for the ones that 
want to start a nonprofit organization. 

What's Included in the Bundle?

With this bundle, hundreds around the globe have set up nonprofits with step by step help, bypassing the headaches and hassle of paperwork and waiting, while saving thousands of dollars. 

7 Complete Resources + Live Help

Included in the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle you get:

"Simple Nonprofit" Manual (90 pages)
"Simple Nonprofit" Comprehensive Workbook (72 pages)
"Simple Independent Nonprofit” Manual (91 pages)
1 Hour Consultation (reg. $100)
100% Support
FREE Lifetime Upgrades- Every upgrade to the bundle for LIFE.
Special Reports and Tips Throughout the Year

"Simple Fundraising" Bonus Book offer (140 pages)

Over $250 Worth Of Resources and
393 Pages Of Information

Also Included in the Bundle:

  • Less than 6 week to quickly set up a Nonprofit Organization
  • All you needed to know about Fiscally Sponsored Nonprofits & instructions to set one up
  • Instructions to easily set up a exempt nonprofit under $400 instead of several thousand
  • Information to help you determine exactly what kind of nonprofit to set up
  • INCLUDED One Free Hour of consulting regarding nonprofit set up

Everything is included in this bundle to quicky
and inexpensively get a nonprofit started.

1st Resource- The Simple Nonprofit Manual
Highlights From The 90 Page- "Simple Nonprofit" Manual

  • What exactly is Fiscal Sponsorship and then will this approach succeed with regard to your nonprofit rather than of setting up a demanding independent 501c3. Nearly anything a person wanted to know about Fiscal Sponsorship and how to develop it.

  • What is a Not-for-profit 501c3 as well as who actually needs one. Our team help uncover whether you even need a a tax exempt nonprofit to do charity work.

  • Methods to rapidly create a 501c3 organization for under $390 instead of thousands of dollars.

  • What must be done to easily create a nonprofit and and techniques to place your nonprofit on the path to becoming effective.

  • Common challenges nonprofits have and how to overcome them and even immunize your nonprofit from being challenged by them.
  • Typical issues nonprofits experience and ways to prevent them as well as immunize your organization from being restricted by them.

  • How to achieve good results with a new nonprofit as well as techniques and insightful help to ensure its success.

  • Examples of various kinds of non profits and the model needed with regards to the work you plan to do.

  • Many of the particular resources to support a nonprofit and grant it success in appealing to contributors and those awarding grants.

My objective is to get the best information resources to anyone starting a nonprofit so they can make the best informed decisions they can.

Whether you follow my blogs and webcasts and know who I am or are new to the nonprofit arena, Fiscal Sponsorship may be a new concept to you. Either way for many just starting a nonprofit, Fiscal Sponsorship can be a good starting point because it can be up and functional in less than 6 weeks. Whether you want and independent 501c3 nonprofit or a fiscally sponsored one this resource will give you the information and education you need to make great decisions.
Making Well Educated Decisions are the Key to Building Success with a Nonprofit

Yes, Fiscal Sponsorship is a fantastic way to start a nonprofit, but what you need to
know is what is the best and least expensive way for you to start your nonprofit. There is no easier way to get all the information and help making that decision than right here.

Helping You Start a Nonprofit Is My Priority and Has Been For 15 Years

Being able to help thousands with information and hands on help when starting their nonprofits has given me insight and unparalleled knowledge on the best ways to start a nonprofit. Armed with that information I have helped individuals and organizations who needed to know how to start a nonprofit organization. They have saved hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and created nonprofits with the fewest amount of steps with the information in this resource.

Save thousands on attorney fees, months of preparation and long applications while starting a nonprofit with the best information at your fingertips. The Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundles provides you with volumes of information and resources while helping you spend the least amount of money in the process of starting and operating a 501c3 nonprofit.
2nd Resource- The Simple Nonprofit Workbook
Highlights From The 72 Page- "Simple Nonprofit Workbook"
  • The "Simple Nonprofit Workbook" 72 pages completely covers creating mission, vision, marketing and fundraising for your nonprofit.

  • Beginning with fundamentals and then working into the more advanced, the workbook takes you on a journey that creates all the organizations information and documents.

  • The workbook walks you through selecting your board.

  • Step-by-step instructions leading you though the mission statement, yearly strategic plans, and even creating the budget.

  • The Workbook guides you completely through developing marketing, design and promoting your nonprofit.

  • The workbook starts with logo and continues all the way through your organization's website.

  • I've even included comprehensive sections on fundraising activities, corporate development and even fundraising events.

The workbook is jammed with worksheet after worksheet that guides you straight through everything to develop your nonprofit's information, marketing, fundraising and structure. Once finished you will have all your organizations information put together along with a game plan to steer it to success.

Free Upgrades for Life

Not only do I want to see you have a successful nonprofit created but I am here to help you continually through the process of your nonprofit becoming successful. Because of that I am constantly developing new resources and information that are included in the free lifetime upgrades.

I don't want you to miss anything when a new version of Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle comes so I give you
FREE upgrades for life. This way when new information or resources come out you have access to them for FREE. Now that's a NO RISK DECISION.

3rd Resource- The Simple Independent 501c3 Manual
Highlights From The 91 Page- "Simple Independent 501c3 Manual"
  • The 91 page Independent 501c3 Manuel is a comprehisive resource encompassing everything you will need to know about setting up an independent 501c3.

  • Step-by-step guidance in creating every key charter document

  • The manual is a complete research and planning guide

  • Guidance and expertise through selecting each board member and education on their roles

  • The guide includes complete instruction on yearly strategic planning and implementation

  • Includes planning and implementation for organizational sustainability

  • The manual features Funding Development guidance

  • Anything that one needs to know about creating and successfully implementing a nonprofit

  • Covers budget and yearly planning creation

A fully comprehensive and complete guidebook that takes you straight through beginning a 501c3 independent non profit. Beginning with creating key documents through to successfully running the nonprofit, everything is covered in detail. There will not be a need to look for further resources in how to create an independent nonprofit.

I Would Like to Spend An Hour
With You Developing Your Nonprofit

Expert Help

I want to personally be involved in helping you create a nonprofit. I did not put all this information together just to have you use it alone but instead to accompany my help. I want to make sure you know exactly what you need to do and have any questions answered. Along with the Starter Bundle below I want to spend an hour working with you on the creation of the nonprofit.

I have created a resource that will walk you straight through how to start a nonprofit organization, but just in case, I want to be there to help. If you are serious about starting a nonprofit, there with just a few clicks below you will save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating the tax exempt nonprofit. Plus, I will be there beside you to help.
Proven Experience
The resources in the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle gives you information and help put together from 12 years of working with nonprofits

Ongoing Support
You are going to have questions from time-to-time and after purchasing the bundle you have easy access to getting those questions answered by a live person who cares whether your nonprofit succeeds or not.

Time and time again, nonprofits around the world have enlisted Simple Nonprofit to help them create a thriving nonprofit. Each time, this the process used in the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle has been used and refined, to save you hours and money in setting up your nonprofit.

The Only Resource You Need

Many come to this site tired of searching the internet for answers on how to start a nonprofit organization. The Nonprofit Starter Bundle was put together to end the search and instead have all the information assembled in one easy to comprehend package. Just a few mouse clicks and your download will be done. Open it up on your computer and you will begin creating a nonprofit today in step #1. Remember, you also have live help whenever you need it.

Fiscal Sponsorship? I've included loads of information
on Fiscal Sponsorships. If you are interested in
Fiscal Sponsorship you are covered in this resource.

Fiscal Sponsorship

The Quickly Growing Way to Start a Nonprofit

Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement in which a 501c3 public charity sponsors a project that needs nonprofit status. Fiscal Sponsorship is a quickly growing and inexpensive way to start a nonprofit.

Fiscal Sponsorship is highly sought after way of setting up a nonprofit quickly and inexpensively. I include information on Fiscal Sponsorship and sponsors should this be an interest in the way you want to set up a nonprofit.

Step-By-Step Instruction

I have helped thousands learn how to start a non profit organization, whether those were independent 501c3 or fiscally sponsored ones. For more than 14 years, I have concentrated on the simple way to set up nonprofits and helping those that want to.

At this point, you can continue to tiredlessly search the internet other information on starting a nonprofit, or you can let me help you get your nonprofit started with proven information and resources.

I Decided to Price This All Inclusive Nonprofit
Tool For Less Than the Price a Single
Hour With a Nonprofit Consultant

As I was putting the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle together I was contemplating charging $97 for it because it has taken me 14 years to develop the information and help PLUS it saves someone many hours and thousands of dollars in setting up a nonprofit.

When I put the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle I had planned on charging $149 for it. It took me over 14 years to develop the information and help. It can also save someone thousands of dollars and many hours as they set up a nonprofit.

According to those that I have helped around the world it is worth much more. However, my goal is to help and save those starting nonprofits money and time; so why not start now.

I settled on ONE single payment of $47

One reason is because it is less than $50... which is the rate that a typical consultant would charge.

I did this intentionally because the
Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle is meant to save you lots of money and time... so I want to start saving you that money now.

What is included in the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle is not available anywhere else because I wrote and developed it. There is nothing like it on the internet or anywhere else.

There are no other resources to even compare the bundle to.. I have searched the internet like you and there is nothing out there that remotely helps someone learn all this information. Even if you paid me well,
It would take me weeks to teach you all this information. I personally work with those like you starting nonprofits everyday and I know how easy this resource makes it to start a nonprofit organization.

This process and information took years to gain and put it together I am proud I have the information and grateful to share with you. It is an amazing resource and know you are going to love it.

I honestly believe it is going to blow you away.

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Here’s to getting your Simple Nonprofit set up today!
Scott Michael Ringo
P.S.- This is not generic information on nonprofits. Instead, this is a tool I wrote from scratch while helping others put together nonprofit organizations. I have been frustrated at times as people share stories of how hard it has been for them to get a nonprofit started. This resource is my own creation that includes hundreds and hundreds of pages of information, applications and help from real people to guide you straight through the process to start a nonprofit.

P.P.S.- if for some reason you decided NOT to purchase today, please bookmark this page. I know that you will be back to look at this resource again. Others have reassured me that after scouring the internet they came back to this proven resource.